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TIAS Full-time MScBA: The Best MScBA in The Netherlands!

As an aspiring business professional you want to accelerate your career, regardless of the state of the world economy. To compete successfully in the job market, you need to have a clear career goal and a passionate ambition to realize it. Our Full-time Master of Science in Business Administration degree course program will enable you to act in and engage with different areas of an organization.  Significantly advance your career prospects with our tailored Personal Leadership and Career Development program and enjoy faster access to the job market with our 1-year master (no pre-master required).

Why choose TIAS?

  • Best Master in Management in The Netherlands - The Economist 2017
  • Best Dutch Master in Business Administration - Elsevier Best Studies, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014
  • # 50 worldwide Global Masters in Management Ranking - Financial Times 2018
  • Significantly advance your career prospects with our tailored Personal Leadership and Career Development program
  • Enjoy personal attention, from admission to graduation and beyond 
  • Combine a business foundation with a fast track focus in marketing, finance, investment, change management or business analytics

tias-topopleiding-150-ENGet your master’s degree at the best provider of master programs in the Netherlands

TIAS is once again ranked as the Nr. 1 provider of master programs in the Netherlands by the ‘Keuzegids Masters 2019’ (Masters Study Guide). This guide lists the various rated executive masters of TIAS as ‘excellent’. The Full-time Master of Science in Business Administration is also ranked as a ‘top-quality program’.

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Our Full-time Master of Science and Business Administration is an English speaking, 4-step program, completed over a 12-month period. This course is specifically designed for you to develop the competencies needed to overcome challenges in the business world. Open up international opportunities with broader insights into global economics. Fulfill higher career goals by refining your skill set. Become a more balanced and accomplished leader, professionally and socially.

Stage 1 – Foundation Courses
The foundation courses provide the fundamentals of business and management.

Stage 2 – Track Courses
If you need additional knowledge in certain areas, our preparatory courses will bring you up to speed before you start the program. Topics include fundamentals in accounting, quantitative methods, academic writing, Business Research.

Stage 3 – Integration Courses
Here you will connect and build upon the knowledge and skills acquired in the previous stages, deepening your understanding and broadening your insight.

Stage 4 – Thesis Project
The program concludes with a thesis project in the form of a detailed and original academic report on a specific marketing, finance, investment, or business issue. It is an ideal way to test your newly acquired ideas and skills, enhance your career prospects and prove your capabilities.

Program Aims

The depth and scope of the program allows you to:

  • take advantage of the fastest route from the classroom to the career you had intended
  • ensure a solid grounding in general abilities while also allowing you a focus field of your choice
  • immerse yourself in a truly international environment with multi-ethnic fellow students, renowned international faculty and a study trip abroad
  • get further societal understanding for balanced judgments and superior decisions

Personal Leadership and Career Development

TIAS offers a Personal Leadership and Career Development Program (PLCD). This program is geared towards helping you understand better who you are and what you are capable of, so that you can establish, and work towards your ultimate career goal. We do this by providing individual and team coaching sessions, workshops about personal skills and skills for finding a job.

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'The MScBA program is ranked number 1 in The
Netherlands for the past 5 years and is ranked 24th
worldwide according to The Economist.

There’s a great interaction between the students and the
professors. They are available to us all the time
between the breaks, and sometimes after class we
even go for networking sessions with them.

What is really valuable, is that we are assigned a career coach
who is helping us with the first professional steps
after school. For me, TIAS in three words is: Fun,
hard work and definitely worth it.'

Lucas Quadros

Lucas Quadros Student

'The faculty selected to instruct in the MScBA program are distinguished senior faculty from TIAS School for Business and Society, Tilburg University and other well-known institutes around the globe.

They are selected for their demonstrated teaching ability and field experience. You benefit from the knowledge and experience of active researchers and seasoned practitioners in their respective fields.

All of our instructors share TIAS’ commitment to distributing and creating knowledge. MScBA students engage with and learn from these scholar-practitioners in a variety of settings at different stages of the program and in a range of ways, from class to case discussions and debates to in-class hands-on experiments or out-of-class consultations.'

Jalal Ashayeri

Jalal Ashayeri Academic Director

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