Masterclass Purpose Led Leadership

Implementing business transformation

TIAS School for Business and Society and Strategia Worldwide have developed a unique three-day program together that addresses the key challenges and opportunities in implementing business transformation. This is done by providing critical insights on how your leadership impacts your organization. We use our combined experience and lessons learned from both the military and business environment.

This three-day course is facilitated by top faculty, leading experts and a seasoned executive coach. Together, we address the challenges between the new operating environment, the existing internal models and the arising opportunities. The linking pin is leadership. You will learn how to become a more trusted leader in the eyes of all your stakeholders.

The overall aim of this program is aiding transformation of your company or organization by the realization that everything starts with you as a leader.

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This program is built along the guiding principles of military leadership to operate in a dynamic environmentblack-strategia-logo_2017_150dpi

  • TRUST: Trust as an overarching foundation
  • CONNECT: Continuous Personal Development of Leaders
  • DIRECT: Purpose-Led Leadership; Everything revolves around the team
  • ENABLE: Ability to lead in a Comprehensive Way

Military Leadership: purpose led

Often the armed forces are still seen as a strict chain of command organization and obviously under crisis circumstances this can be the case. However, it takes excellent servant leadership skills and a true sense of purpose to operate in a military environment, often a VUCA (Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) one, and create the level of trust that people want to follow their leader. In many aspects the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990’s had the same impact on the military as the financial crisis of 2008 had on the business world. A radically changing operating environment requires a true transformation of leaders and their organization and that is exactly what the military did. We invite you to learn from more than 29 years of hard lessons learned!

How you will learn

During this program you will gain access to world’s leading best practices in the military environment. This means that you will work closely with your peers and have a constant loop of feedback and reflection. In order to maximize the impact of the program, we ask you to reserve a few hours to prepare and think before and after. During the program, we pay special attention to your own leadership challenges. Our executive coach Ms. Bercan Günel will supervise the group on this aspect. Complemented with real life experiences from the military, assignments, presentations, group work and inspirational diner speeches will make this a unique and senior leadership program.


Bercan is a highly sought-after leadership consultant and is Managing Partner of NGL International. Having previously acted as the CFO of a listed international company, she applies her business, organizational, and coaching expertise to help companies form top teams, and to help align leaders’ careers with their purpose.

Bercan is a true connector. As an experienced Executive Searcher, Executive Coach and public speaker, she uses her thoughtful interest in people’s development and her spiritual insights to offer purpose-led, result-oriented, non-judgmental and intuitive advice. In everything she does, her aim is to support organizational leaders in assembling their teams, in their own personal development, and in coaching teams for improving performance. Bercan is the author of various articles and a handbook on leadership and diversity.


Bercan Günel

Tom was the Netherlands’ Chief of Defense for more than 5 years and spent 38 years serving his country. He commanded soldiers on all levels, led a large multinational taskforce in the south of Afghanistan and was involved in over twenty different military missions as the Director of Operations.

Tom has extensive operational and strategic experience of building unity of effort with different nations, governments, companies and many other stakeholders in order to deal with a wide range of security risks. He knows what it is to be ‘lonely at the top’ while restructuring your organization and continuously adapting it to a dynamic and complex security environment.


Tom Middendorp (Strategic Advisor at Strategia Worldwide)

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